Maintenance and support

After installation, additional preventive and corrective maintenance support can be proposed.
These services are scalable depending on the configuration of each site and machine to equip.

PST provides troubleshooting at a manufacturer level and has all the parts and equipment needed to perform these operations.
For over 20 years, we have maintained numerous sites throughout France and abroad either directly by our technicians and our onsite team or through our network of distributors with qualified technicians.

Preventive maintenance

 Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is completed through an annual onsite visit in order to monitor the condition of each piece of equipment and nominal system operation.
It is performed by a qualified technician with perfect knowledge of the SaveX device.
Preventive maintenance services take place on the basis of a defined schedule in consultation with the client and include the following:

In the event of taking material for repair, downtime will not exceed a few weeks. If it is a major part of the system, replacement equipment will be provided throughout the repair time in order to ensure continuity of service.

Guarantee : The Savex system has a 2 year warranty on all equipment.

Corrective maintenance

This additional service ensures continuous operation of the installed device thereby providing a rapid on-site intervention in case of malfunction.

This service includes :

Repairing and monitoring equipment is carried out by using technical manuals as well as production records and checks.