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SaveX - PST, SARL, registered at the RCS of RCS Toulouse under the number RCS 384 109 864 and whose head office is 1 Rue Brindejonc des Moulinais - 31500 TOULOUSE. Contact : contact

Information collected and processed on the website :

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Surname, First name, Business, Email, Phone, Adress, Zip code, City, Country, Message Data collected and processed by SaveX - PST and subject to our data protection policy.
Captcha Data collected and processed by Google and subject to Google's data protection policy.

All data processed and collected are stored for a fixed period corresponding to the purpose of their use. Your information is kept as long as you are active on our site, but also during the additional period to meet our various legal obligations. At the end of these deadlines, your personal data are completely anonymous. You have a right of rectification and / or deletion that you can exercise contacting us.

Data processed by third parties (delivery, payment, captcha checks, etc.) are subject to the policies of the companies in question.

Register of service providers involved in the collection and processing data

Google Analytics
Visited pages, supports and browsers, location, visit time, etc Data collected and processed by Google and subject to Google's data protection policy.
Google Data Protection Policy.

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Visited pages, supports and browsers, location, visit time, etc Data collected and processed by Google and subject to Google's data protection policy.
Google Data Protection Policy.

The SaveX - PST website is designed to be particularly attentive to the needs of his users. For this, we use cookies, which are intended to signal your passage on our site. The purpose of this section is to explain how we use cookies, the benefits that it provides to you and, if you wish, the method to disable cookies.

A cookie is a text format file that is saved on your hard drive when you visit a website such as SaveX - PST. The cookies that we use allow us to keep personal data in order to personalize and facilitate your navigation during your next visits (for example: pages visited, date and time and password). A cookie does not allow us to identify you, it only records your IP address (identification number of your computer).

Cookies are stored on your computer for a period of time depending on their function.

cookie_bandeau__accept 90 days This cookie is deposited by SaveX - PST.
It allows you to keep your choice regarding the use of cookies on our website.

Cookies issued by the applications of our partners :

to optimize the site's services and support for the purchase, we may use your browsing data through cookies managed by our partners. Like the cookies used by SaveX - PST, these data are completely anonymous.

These applications allow us to be more responsive to respond directly to your needs.

Cookies issued by the applications of our partners :

GOOGLE The collection of information collected by these cookies allows us to :
– measure the audience of the website
– get statistics about website traffic
– evaluate your interest in the content and our different sections

Be careful, if you share the use of your computer with other people.

In this case, it'll be impossible for us to ensure that the services and advertisements intended for your computer correspond to your use and not to that of a third party.

How to disable cookies ?

Cookies are enabled by default when you visit our website. You have the right to refuse these cookies.

Several options are available to you :

Depending on the browser you are using, the procedure to disable cookies is different. You will find below the procedure to follow by browser :

For Internet Explorer :

  1. On top right click Tools, then select Internet Options.

  2. Click on Privacy's tab,

  3. Move the slider to High to block all the cookies or to the bottom to allow them

For Safari :

  1. On the top left corner, click Safari, and choose Preference.

  2. A window will pop up, and click Privacy

  3. Click on Details

  4. Select one or multiple website then click on Remove or on Remove all..

For Chrome :

  1. Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.

  2. Select Settings.

  3. Click show advanced settings.

  4. In the "Privacy" section, click the Content settings button.

  5. In the "Cookies" section, you can change to your preferred setting.

For Firefox :

  1. Click the menu button Menu and choose Options.

  2. Select the Privacy & Security panel and go to the Cookies and Site Data section.

  3. Select Accept cookies and site data from websites (recommended) to enable cookies. To disable cookies, select Block cookies and site data (may cause websites to break).

For Opera :

  1. Click on Tools menu then Preferences.

  2. Change to the Advanced tab, and to the cookie section.