The Savex System: How it works

Operating principle

The SaveX system informs the machine operator of the presence of one or more pedestrians within the monitored area.
When pedestrians are present in a predefined area near a machine (adjustable distance up to 25 m) , the operator is warned by an audible alarm and / or light which is located inside the cab.
The number of pedestrians near the machine is reported to the operator by an interface (display) installed inside the cab. Up to 50 pedestrians can be detected.

The SAVEX system is an independent unit which does not directly affect the vehicle’s controls, but rather which informs the driver of the presence of pedestrians. As such, the driver maintains full control over the vehicle’s movement. This is not a logic block and does not provide safety functions.


The SaveX device revolves around two essential parts:

SaveX is therefore a means of complementary prevention which effectively assists the operator to avoid potentially dangerous situations.
However, this device does not exempt users from observing existing safety codes, rules of procedure, codes of conduct, etc...
It is also strongly recommended to follow the rules of conduct as outlined in the CNAM recommendations.