The SaveX System : Presentation

 The SaveX System pedestrian detection to prevent collisions

General Context

Prevention of accidents between machines and pedestrians is a problem that affects a large number of industries: waste collection, transportation, logistics, handling materials, construction, etc..
A potential collision arises when pedestrians and machinery are in close proximity.

According to sources from the National Institute of Research and Safety (INRS) and based on analysis of the EPICEA database (Prevention Study covering Investigation Records of Workplace Accidents), coactivity between pedestrians and machines has resulted in more than 200 accidents in recent years.

A coherent and thoughtful approach

Conventional systems for detecting contact between machinery and pedestrians (sensors on bumpers, etc.) are insufficient to ensure the safety of pedestrians precisely because they cannot avoid the collision but merely limit the damage.
Additionally, traditional systems that use remote sensing technologies such as video, ultrasound, infrared, etc. do not offer sufficient guarantees of reliability in certain situations.

Given this situation and the absence of solutions, PST, a specialist in electronic equipment based in Toulouse, France has spent the past three years developing a new system taking into account the various challenges on the ground.
To do this, a strong partnership has been established with large industrial companies.

Close industrial cooperation enabled the selection of appropriate technologies and to gradually adapt the device in order to provide a tool that meets the needs of the most demanding customers: the SaveX.

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