Why choose SaveX ?

With the SaveX system, businesses, whatever their size, have a professional solution tailored to meet their needs that can significantly reduce accidents between pedestrians and machinery. Examples of Accidents (video)
Thanks to a close collaboration with end users, SaveX offers a solution that adapts to different situations on construction sites and industrial sites.

A device for use in extreme conditions

 Extreme weather conditions

A reliable device using the latest technology available.

A device suitable for lightweight structures as well as large industrial sites

 large industrial sites

The SaveX device can be used on large construction sites as well as fully built industrial areas, even in the case of certain limitations: dirty environments (quarries, sewage, etc.), hostile environments (chemicals, etc.) and environments with large temperature variations (waste disposal centers, etc.).

The SaveX device can protect up to 50 pedestrians simultaneously for a full day's work with battery power up to 12 hours for the portable pedestrian device.

Flexible configuration

SaveX System

To meet all operating conditions, different functions of the SaveX system can be adjusted :

  • Adjustable distance of detection
    The SaveX device can be programmed to initiate detection at a distance of 25 meters from the machine or only a few meters from it.

  • Alert zones and early warning settings
    The detection distance is adjustable for the two areas independently.
    It is also possible to turn off the early warning alert, etc. (animated picture with Zones).

  • Programmable audio and light warning
    The audio information and / or warning lights are also adjustable.

  • Audible warning sounds and the indicator light are adjustable

  • Suitable for different types of machines
    The SaveX system can be adapted to many machines : loader, forklift, crane, etc.

Machines equipped with the SaveX system

 Machines equipped with the SaveX system
  • Pedestrian protection working on a site where there is moving machinery (coactivity)
  • Prevention and significant reduction of the risk of accidents
  • Sustainability of the activity
  • Reduces worker's compensation for temporary or permanent disability due to an accident at work,
  • Lower cost of insurance-related claims.