Industrial partners

 Industrial partnership

Faced with common security concerns for businesses, trade associations and CARSAT prevention services (Retirement Insurance & Work Safety Fund), between 2008 and 2012 INRS initiated a research project called PRECEP (Prevention of Machine-Pedestrian collisions).

This study involved several departments of INRS as well as external and industrial partners. The objective of this project was to provide users and designers adequate elements in order to address the risks of collisions between machines and pedestrians and to implement appropriate solutions, namely the emergence of innovative devices for detecting pedestrians.

It is in this context that PST has developed SaveX by taking into account the expectations of clients and recommendations by various institutions.

Development of the SaveX system was conducted in partnership with a group of companies including VEOLIA and SEDE VEOLIA ENVIRONMENTAL which play a leading role in the recycling and waste disposal fields.

Trust in the VEOLIA group enabled development of a system that meets many challenges present on industrial sites while respecting internal operating rules.